Fluval Sea Marine 3.0 LED Aquarium Lighting (review)

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    This review is of the lower-end 22W model

    A really great set of lights for a beginner starting on their reef tank journey. The mobile app provides extensive options to create a realistic sunrise, day time and night time lighting modes. It will cover most beginner’s requirements, but those looking to use it beyond easy corals(softies etc.) may find the light lacking somewhat.


    Due to the strength of the lights for the 22W model, the recommendation is that it is suitable for softies, some easy undemanding LPS corals.


    The lights are encased in an aluminum shell. This allows for highly effective heat transfer, and the sealed case provides excellent protection from splashes and humidity, which gives it a waterproof rating of IP67. The case has extender arms which provides 15-24″ in length.


    The lighting is controlled via a mobile app (iOS and Android) and is easy to use. It has presets of Sunny Reef, Deep Glo and Color Burst to get started with. Then from there you can get into very detailed settings of the individual colors. Setting 24 hour light cycles is straight-forward and within a few minutes you can easily setup sunrise, midday, sunset and night schedules.


    The 22W model includes 99 LEDs in total. The lighting itself emits seven unique band waves, producing full spectrum results.

    LED Count: 99
    Dispersion: 120 degree
    Lumens: 850 lm
    Color Temp: 25000k
    Lifetime: 50000 hrs


    The Marine 3.0 Bluetooth LED lighting comes in 22W, 32W, 46W and 59W


    The cost(at time of publishing)was around $150 USD for the 22W model.

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