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About Us

Everything Reef aims to provide anyone with a reef tank with all of the information they need. Whether it’s tips and guides to find out how to start their new hobby in the reef tank world or a seasoned pro who is looking for insights into how to add that final coral in their showpiece tank.

LFS Finder

Our LFS Directory contains an extensive portfolio of the best local shops that sell everything related to saltwater and reef tanks. Our collection of LFS currently includes the USA and Canada, with other countries coming soon.

Coral Finder

Use our Coral Finder to locate a specific coral from our database of leading online coral sellers. Our database is regularly updated to ensure the latest information is always displayed.


We have a team of authors providing a stream of articles on a regular basis posted right here on our website. A vast arrange of subjects are covered ensuring you can always find articles relevant to your search. We also have guest authors who provide regular posts based on a wide range of topics ensuring you will always have something new and interesting to read.


A great way of absorbing information is by watching a video on the subject. There are some fantastic videos around, and our team is always on the look out for new and exciting videos related to saltwater and reef tanks. We regularly post new video collections containing some of the world’s best videos on a variety of subjects.


There is a great deal of expert knowledge out there in relation to the world of reef tanks. Our team chooses experts who can provide useful tips, guides and insights to share their knowledge and experience. We have a long list of exciting interviews lined up, and will be posting them regularly.


We have gathered the most informative, insightful and fun podcasts related to saltwater and reef tanks around. The podcast episode lists update automatically each day to provide you with the most up-to-date episodes available.

Future Content

Everything Reef will be continuing to enhance this site with the aim of making it the #1 site for anyone with an interest in saltwater and reef tanks. A variety of exciting content and features will be coming soon, so stay tuned!