Everything About Clownfish

Everything About Clownfish
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    Clownfish are probably the most popular fish for a home reef tank, and can be found in beginner tanks and expert tanks alike. Clownfish are relatively easy to care for and provide a colourful and hardy habitant to any tank regardless of size. Several species of Clownfish exist including Ocellaris, Black Ocellaris, Misbar Ocellaris and Snowflake.


    Clownfish originate from the Indo-Pacific area. This area stretches from the eastern Indian Ocean to the western Pacific Ocean. They live on coral reefs and more often than not live in-and-around anemones. They actually form a symbiotic relationship with anemones as the Clownfish provides the anemone with food and in return, the anemone provides shelter and protection. Anemones can often sting, but Clownfish have a special mucus which protects them


    Ocellaris Clownfish can be identified by their 3 white stripes and 4 orange stripes. Black Ocellaris also have 3 white stripes but instead of orange, they have black instead. Misbar Ocellaris typically have incomplete white stripes resulting in patches of orange. The Snowflake variety displays larger white stripes and white patches.


    Clownfish will typically grow to about 3 inches long in a typical reef tank. However, some may grow to 4 inches although this is rare and typically won’t go above 3 inches.


    Clownfish are considered to be semi-aggressive, but for the most part, are a tolerable peaceful fish that will be happy in a small part of the tank for the majority of the time, and may explore the rest of the tank on occasions. They can however be aggressive towards other Clownfish species, so it’s best to stick to just one species if more than one Clownfish is required in the tank.


    Clownfish are omnivores and will eat pretty much anything that is edible such as copepods, algae, small crustaceans, fish eggs and larvae etc. In a reef tank they will love Brine shrimp and Mysis shrimp, but can get along with a good quality flake food and pellet food as their main diet.

    Tank Requirements

    Clownfish are considered to be one the most easiest reef tank fish to keep. They are a very hardy fish and are often the first fish to add to a new aquarium. They are very easy to find and most LFS (Local Fish Stores) will have them. A recommended minimum tank size is 20G to keep a Clownfish. Water parameters should consist of a temperature between 72-78-F with a PH between 8.0-8.4. Salinity should ideally be between 1.020-1.026.

    Reef Safeness

    Clownfish are considered to be reef safe. They do not eat corals. However, due to their behaviour, they may actually damage some corals by treating them as they would an anemone by swimming in and out of them. This can disturb some corals and result in slow growth or in worse cases, die-off.

    Tank Mates

    They can be kept with a wide range of tankmates and can get along with most other popular reef tank fish, which is one of the main reasons for their incredible popularity.

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