Reef dosing system


Reef dosing system

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Need space on your sump floor for other stuff and are having trouble finding room for all your gear? This system is for you!

Reef dosing system – 375mL Voss bottle caps, 1/4″ Mur-Lok bulkhead, tube, wall mounting bracket, and screws (#8 3/4″ wood screws). Everything but the bottles! This system fits 4 Voss glass bottles (375mL volume) for dosing. Ideal for dosing either a nano reef tank with alkalinity, calcium, magnesium, and something like NoPOX, or for dosing trace elements to your big display tank!

We are offering this 3d printed reef dosing system, based off of the extremely popular Voss bottle system. Voss brand bottled water can be found in most local grocery stores, and lots of coral reef fanatics have found that these bottles make great containers for their “two-part and beyond” dosing needs. I have designed a 3d-printed system consisting of a Voss-style bottle cap with a 1/4 inch Mur-lok bulkhead added, and a wall mounted bracket so that you can mount these bottles off the floor in order to make more space in your sump!

This system was designed around the 375mL glass Voss bottles. Voss has slightly different pitches for some of their cap threadings, so I cannot guarantee that these caps would fit any other side bottle other than the 375mL glass bottle.

This system is available in a variety of colors, and comes with a quad-bottle bracket and 4 caps with associated tubing.

CAPS: Each bottle top is fitted with a 1/4″ Mur-Lok push connect bulkhead, and comes supplied with a rigid acrylic tube (1/4″ OD) to reach the bottom of an 375mL glass Voss water bottle. In addition, we supply another ~2 inch acrylic tube (1/4″ OD) to connect to the top of the fitting in order to make a better attachment connection for your flexible dosing tubes. We have discovered that if you try to plug your flexible dosing tubing directly into the Mur-lok bulkhead, it may work… but it also might slip out and spill in your cabinet. Instead, use the short rigid tubing to connect to the Mur-lok, then connect your flexible tubing to THAT piece.

BRACKET: To mount the bracket, we have added #8 3/4 screws. We designed the depth of the screw holes in the bracket such that the screws bite enough wood to support the weight of the bracket and filled bottle(s), but the screws will not penetrate through to the other side of 1/2″ wood.

VOSS bottles are NOT included with this order, this listing is for everything BUT the bottles.

We are a family operation (Dad, Mom, and 13 year old) who got started with this business when Dad’s 3D printing hobby got out of hand. Now we want to share our prints with you!


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