Aquarium Mangrove Plant Box


Aquarium Mangrove Plant Box

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Plant holder plant box for mangroves and other aquatic plants. Suitable for fresh and marine aquariums.

Up to a glass thickness of 16 mm

Can you hang on the front of the overflow shaft! There are holes in the plant box so that the water can continue to run into the overflow shaft in the same amount.

Holds without suction cup that go off again and again! Is simply hung on the window. Cover of the aquarium can be done so far. Is simply filled with appropriate stones. Reef rock is of course also possible. can of course also be attached to the overflow shaft.

The mangrove seedling or other plants can thus sprout undisturbed and also filter nutrients out of the aquarium water. Removes undesirable substances such as nitrite from the water. Is a 3D print that does not release any substances into the water!

Food safe and seawater safe and seawater resistant! Does not release unwanted substances into the water.


Length approx. 195 mm
Depth approx. 69 mm
Height approx. 120 mm
Up to 16 mm glass thickness

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